Mar 2017

BY David Bach, MD


The Electric Power of the Brain

At 42, Tony Cicoria suddenly had an insatiable desire to play the piano. It seemed to materialize out of nowhere, yet within a few years, he had become a concert pianist and composer.
Tony is one of many people who have been changed in some great way after being struck by lightning. On a smaller scale, electrical stimulation is used today as a tool for modifying and enhancing brain function.
How could electrical energy have such an impact? Its mechanism can be explained simply: the brain’s natural functioning relies on the electric properties of neurons. Since the brain’s internal messages are electric in nature, the use of electrical stimulation to facilitate an initiated behavior, like movement, is a logical approach.
Building on this idea, researchers have studied the use of low-current electrical brain stimulation to improve cognitive functions, such as attention, perception, and learning. They’ve demonstrated this technique, known as transcranial direct current stimulation, or tDCS, is safe, affordable, and easy-to-use.

Well Said

“[Electrical Stimulation] could be the first step down a path not only to maximizing human potential but to increasing it. It has significant potential advantages to every human being because the capacity to learn is fundamental to our humanity.”

Why Should I care?

TDCS offers a unique method for enhancing performance and modifying ingrained behaviors. As of today, commercially available tDCS technology is limited in scope, however, it’s already quite useful and is rapidly evolving.
One such device, the “Halo Sport” created by Halo Neuroscience*, facilitates the use of rarely used muscle fibers while you work out.  The device makes it easier for the brain to communicate with these fibers, resulting in increased muscle fiber activation during physical exercise.
Thync* offers another unobtrusive, on-the-go electrical stimulation device. Its innovative design stimulates peripheral nerves in the head and face as a means to modify physiological and mental states. For some, the result is a decrease in anxiety similar to what can be achieved through meditation or yoga but in less time.

What If?

Performance optimization strategies traditionally relied on a narrow range of techniques such as motivation, diet, and exercise.
Today, electrical stimulation presents a dynamic opportunity that has the extraordinary capacity to expand your potential and enhance your life. What if you began to explore this resource to improve your mental and physical abilities beyond what you ever thought were possible? How would that change your life?

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